Here’s Who Oyasumi Hologram Will (Partly) Be Touring the USA With

How excited were you to learn that Oyasumi Hologram was crowdfunding for their two-week American tour in November? I just about fell out of my seat, and I was on a large couch at the time! Yes, one of the literal best things in idol was confirm going to be coming West, and not just for a one-off performance or long weekend, but long enough to do put on some solid gigs and make the most of their time in-country. The exact character of the tour remained a mystery, though.

And then, last night, we got a big-ass chunk of that exact character spelled out:

How neat! So confirmed shows in San Jose and San Francisco, between Nov. 1-4, and with this TORIENA person to boot!


She bills herself as a chiptune idol. Appropriate! It actually wouldn’t be surprising if you’re already somewhat acquainted with her — she has no (relative) shortage of Western fans and has appeared in various media — and I’ve had her work in my pleasure listening list for a little while.

Why haven’t you shared this before, Maniac, you dullard! you shriek at the screen. Easy: If I covered every interesting EDM-related idol, I’d grind my fingers to dust. And instead of raging, why not get really excited and think about how you’re going to make efforts to see one of these West Coast gigs in November?

And now let’s really turn up that speculation engine, because we know that Oyaholo’s got an entire additional week of touring planned, and so far nada about it. If they happen upon DC or Baltimore, I may have a stroke.

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