Hey, How’s That New PassCode Single?

So I was saying the other day that, despite being aware of things being out there online, I didn’t want to try to soak up “Ray” at all until there was an official release by official PassCode, which finally happened this morning whee!

Oh man! Those outfits remain pretty dang boss! And the song sounds pretty good in preview form! And it looks like they’re going for their own version of “Orchestra” on that set! Let’s do the whole thing!

I can’t! It’s not available in my country yet!

You know, Universal, it’s cool that you embrace the international fans. Why so hard for those of us in North America? We want to douse you in sweet, high-exchange-rate dollars, and yet!

Oh, what am I complaining about? The whole thing’s on Spotify, etc., and it’s arguably their best piece of new music since “MISS UNLIMITED” (which it takes some cues from without being as wholly derivative as a lot of PassCode material gets). I actually like Melodic Heavy PassCode, which draws distinction from Melodic PassCode (“Kiss no Hanataba” / “Orange”) and Heavy Passcode (“TRACE”) by being both suitably loud and pretty to listen to, but is also distinct from Melodic Heavy PassCode (“Gekidou Progressive”) in the way that, like, In Flames and At The Gates are different bands.

I’d also largely forgotten what Yuna’s normal singing voice sounds like, tee hee. It’s really well and truly a relief to see her able to both let ‘er rip when she needs to, but also that she’s integrated fully back into the group after that legitimately scary health scare last year. Now that things can (hopefully) get back to speed, maybe PassCode as a whole can get back onto their trajectory of invading the rest of the world. I want to see “Toxic” live just once in my life.