Here’s Our First Look at the New PassCode Single

Man, few things can get me as revved back up and into an idol mood as something new from PassCode; I’ve been watching their Twitter like a hawk for the typical preview of the double A-side to drop (the art got me particularly hype) just so that I could bask in the thermonuclear glow of PassCode doing PassCode things. It’s just a shortened clip from the MV that we got this morning, but that’s a lot more PassCode than we had just yesterday, and that’s fine. Take it away, screaming vocoder digicore idols:

Some of you can probably the see the whole thing via that link in the tweet, but many of us can’t! I even went chasing after PassCode on Facebook to see if they’d added an upload for us there yet, but alas:

Sound: Good so far! Visual: Like a PassCode MV! Just getting a fresh taste of Imada letting ‘er rip sometimes feels like enough.

I miss having PassCode during their earlier breakout phase, when it seemed like they were doing something new and cool just about every other week. There have, of course, been reasons for the slowdown, from Yuna’s illness to some pivots toward new groups of fans, so the group is probably fine and raring to go. Getting a shot at a video game collab seems like as good an idea as any! And now if they can sneak out a fuller release before the end of the year …