Sweet Holy Hell, PassCode

The only bad thing about this newer Day Job of mine is that I’m almost always in a subterranean rail system at the times of day for Peak Idol Announcements. And still, coming off of last week’s MV for PassCode’s all-out double A-side single, I knew that I’d still want to dash to a computer and check it out.

Apologies to the intern who sits outside of my office, because it only took the preview herein to convince me to play this sucker loud:

Region-blocked? Ever-helpful manager-san put it up on Facebook! Continue reading

Here’s Our First Look at the New PassCode Single

Man, few things can get me as revved back up and into an idol mood as something new from PassCode; I’ve been watching their Twitter like a hawk for the typical preview of the double A-side to drop (the art got me particularly hype) just so that I could bask in the thermonuclear glow of PassCode doing PassCode things. It’s just a shortened clip from the MV that we got this morning, but that’s a lot more PassCode than we had just yesterday, and that’s fine. Take it away, screaming vocoder digicore idols:

Some of you can probably the see the whole thing via that link in the tweet, but many of us can’t! I even went chasing after PassCode on Facebook to see if they’d added an upload for us there yet, but alas: Continue reading

These Are the Details on the New PassCode Single

Remember a few weeks back and I was like “oh wow okay good” about the news of a fourth major single coming up any day now from digital idolcore masters PassCode? It wasn’t that it wasn’t good news, just mundane news, of the type that makes you want to find another thing to go more excited about, because this is (/checks notes) PassCode’s fourth single since joining Universal, for whom they’ve also released (/checks notes again), well, I guess it depends on how you count “new,” but a lot. The point is a lot. That’s cool. What they haven’t done before is a double A-side, until now:

Like, it’s not the most exciting update, either, and I wouldn’t blame you for feeling a little shorted and wanting to go do something else instead. Goodness knows that I do! However, the aforementioned double-A, plus cover art (representing the same, I assume) that’s one part cyber Rubix cube and one part ephemeral angel of death. For some reason, I find it completely appropriate. Now give us the full MV releases outside of Japan at the very beginning, please and thanks.

969 Has Graced Us with a New Live Video Cut; You’d Better Appreciate

If you’d be so kind, you folks who mostly graze around the idol edges and don’t venture very far from your personal favorites, give this video a quick spin:

If you weren’t familiar with 969 before, that can be forgiven, as the group only reconstituted about five months ago after a decent period of hiatus, with new members and even a little update to their sound. They’re a touch heavier now, I think, and a little less idol, and … well, I think they’re great and the whole reason that I want you to really pay attention to this isn’t just just because I think they’re great, but because they suffer from perpetual underappreciation when the more casual fan, the people who are already tied to oshis and whatnot, and that’s extremely unfortunate because, as I’ve said before, if I were to put together an idol project, it would be just like this. Continue reading