PassCode Is Doing a Very Smart Thing

I can’t remember the last time that I saw one of those “hey at X time we’re doing an announcement” tweets from PassCode, and certainly not the last time that they did one and I felt like it was a net win. In fact, when it came, my first thought was of Yuna and her abdomen and whether there would be much point in keeping up with the group. The universe, though, had other plans, and all of the news is good news.

There will be a new single. That’s good! The end of May is a good time for that, too; they shouldn’t be facing too much competition. It’s the rest of the announcement that’s best:

Yeah, idols, you can go on a tour to promote your new release … or you can go on a tour that pits you against other acts!

This is such a good move, basically a smaller version of the same strategy that Babymetal has been employing by opening for all of those bands, but ironically I think better conceived, as its scale and focus seem to be much more appropriate. Right up there with their spot on the Warped Tour, this is how PassCode gets placed in front of more non-idol rock audiences (or, in front of more rock fans who are also idol fans, but aren’t maybe yet PassCode fans) in a very genuine way: “Hey, we are also here to rock your faces off, please to enjoy.”

I’ll give them credit for having “always” been good at this, too. PassCode’s been doing rock festivals ever since they started to break out. Now that Yuna is (presumably) healthy and they’re ready to start releasing fresh music again, they should be able to leverage that experience and beyond-idol exposure to at the very least be positioned for bigger next steps.

5 thoughts on “PassCode Is Doing a Very Smart Thing

  1. the bands they battle all seem weak as hell.

    such a shame many idol acts preform with shit bands whenever they don’t do pure idol gigs.. man the shit i had to sit through last week to see Necroma.. and it was a damn ”no re-entry” venue.

    • I wonder if it isn’t a thing where a lot of bands would be open to doing vs. shows with idols, but they know that there are risks to their image if they do it, so these things come down to the ones who are either more adventurous, have the least to lose, etc.

      • Guso Drop actually played a big punk festival (Kappunk) last year. and it was very well recieved. actually managed to get some punks into idol.
        honestly still dont know how they ended up on the bill, but i’m glad they did.
        one week after there was a gig they played with Clown and Ryuketsu Blizzard. quite surprized about Clown opening for a idol group.

  2. Vs A crowd of rebellion should be exciting they are pretty good. I think the ideal match up would be with Fear and loathing in Las Vegas though

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