Has Anybody Cracked the BiS Code?

This was a cryptic and mysterious message!

If you follow along to the post in question, you get instructions for downloading a song — a new song! — by Watanabe and Pour Lui. It’s called “BEST FRiEND FREED“*.

The catch, though, is that it’s password-protected, and you need to figure it out via hints … which are in Japanese and extra opaque in that case. Also has something to do with the history of BiS. Regardless, it’s clear as mud, and BiS Official has been tweeting and deleting things faster than I can keep up.

But here you go:

If you get it, share and let us know what’s going on. Something something Pour Lui “freed”* hiatus etc.


What a strange piece! Can they do more like it please?

*Not “FREED” you idiot, “FREE DL”

One thought on “Has Anybody Cracked the BiS Code?

  1. So too many BiS fans thought Watanabe’s actually a bad guy and they had to put out a PR campaign track to get people to stop throwing bricks though his window? 😛
    The real victims here are the girls who audition if BiS isn’t really going to add a new member!

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