Living Dead I Dolls Officially on Watch

There ain’t a whole lot else going on, so maybe let’s regard other idol kinds of things going on as being more worthy of regular posts, yes? For instance, hey, remember Living Dead I Dolls, and when they had their moment a little while back? Guess what:

The current remaining members are graduating en masse, effective immediately.

And like barely a year after they were announced!

There’s something beautifully chaotic about sudden total graduations — not disbandments, mind you, which have their own thrilling aspects, but graduations. It’s not quite up to the same standard as everybody being fired (as has also happened before!), but it does imply a certain cruelly calculated set of maneuvers, either because management wants people gone or people want management gone, and rarely are these struggles won by anybody but who holds the purse strings.

At any rate, LDID as you know it is (fittingly!) dead, and the project is on hiatus until a “new regime” has been put into place. We do need that, as Living Dead I Dolls is conceptually just the right thing.

Thanks for the tip, Jul!