GRATIA-ALA’s Just Cranking Out MVs These Days, Man

Well this was originally going to be a different post about not all of the things in it, but some of the things, yes, which is an excellent lesson in why it can be good to wait — completely unintended consequences of the thing you didn’t even mean to do can work out!

Which brings us to GRATIA-ALA, for whom I’ve always had a nice packet of love tucked back in the chika-reserved corner of my heart, but from whom we don’t always get a ton of media. Well, friends, let me tell you that we are currently in a glut — yes, a glut! — of GRATIA-ALA video, and I see no reason to further forestall getting into that.

The first, the most recent? My personal favorite:

This song is basically everything I always liked about GRATIA-ALA. They’re like the melodic answer to those even synth-heavier idolcore groups that sprang up like weeds in 16 and 17 (which … wow, GRATIA-ALA’s four years old, my goodness).

This is the one you call Idol On A Budget:

“Say, is that garage empty?” “Empty enough, let’s film there.”

These first two get Nagi writing credits (plus it’s her birthday?); this one, by Miyu, is actually my favorite of the lot:

And in the span of a few minutes I’m reminded of why I liked GRATIA-ALA so much in the first place (though I definitely don’t remember harsh vocals, so), and also a little annoyed at myself for letting them slip off the radar. This is a good group, and I hope they keep releasing media for us all to gawk at, especially if there’s no real rhyme or reason or album or anything. Just pump out fun things, idols!

In the meantime, go explore on GRATIA-ALA’s streaming option of your choice: