Your Homicidols Weekender #217

Good morning! Or I hope it’s good. This might be the start of the last weekend of our lives — according to just one of the raving lunatics who are suddenly goddamn everywhere, the Rapture is coming on Wednesday, and the only thing the end times theologians seem to disagree on when it comes to the faithful being bodily assumed into heaven is whether it happens before or after seven years of hell on earth, and regardless of the timing thereof everybody who is not bodily assumed into heaven is in for the literal apocalypse. Given how great things have been going lately, I wouldn’t rule any of it out.

But yeah, things are tense here in the National Capital Region, and if it were feasible to go anywhere I’d probably do it. I haven’t been able to concentrate for spit the past 10 days or so, in fact, nor have I been sleeping. So, like, enjoy this Weekender for what it is, for it is about all ol’ Maniac can muster!

That Sounds Dire


Amazing work from CROSSNOESIS:

When what you really want is a whole XOXO EXTREME album but all you can get today is a cover of Duran Duran:

This is a very cool series:

Man, remember when Buzz Clips were the absolute shit:

Now that we’re talking about Kamikaze SENSATION let’s do more with them!

Here’s the digest for the whole Kaishin no Ichigeki album:

Enjoy yourself some POMERO:

It looks kind of like dorodoro is clearing inventory or something:

KAMENJOSHI decided to re-release their latest MV with English sing-a-long:

Very, very excited for the new BiS EP and … imprint?

You know how I’ll sometimes put those long mixes into the playlist at the end? Well, now you can do it with CYNHN:

I’d like to have something interesting or even positive to say about this latest one from ANDCRAZY BREAK but I don’t, sadly, and would instead go off on a tangent about how everybody’s getting the rapping girl now the way they all used to get the screaming girl, and blah blah blah idol culture bing bang boom:

Idol in Focus

This week’s Idol in Focus is HimeKyunFruitCan, if you can believe it. Yes, they’re still going, but this isn’t the much-beloved unit of yesteryear — they’re now officially on their third generation and basically all babies:

I really just wanted to highlight that (thanks D!), so here’s a live for your trouble:

Still rock

Go play the Erisu game!

Why am I seeing all of this Niji no Conquistador lately?

HIMEGOTOZETTAICHI has actually been dropping new songs in the new year; this is one!

Seriously, do they want us to not like them?

My girl Megumi got herself a film role:

I will force-feed you people NEO JAPONISM until they’re the biggest loudols on the planet:

Tweet of the week:

Have a great weekend!