GRATIA-ALA’s Just Cranking Out MVs These Days, Man

Well this was originally going to be a different post about not all of the things in it, but some of the things, yes, which is an excellent lesson in why it can be good to wait — completely unintended consequences of the thing you didn’t even mean to do can work out!

Which brings us to GRATIA-ALA, for whom I’ve always had a nice packet of love tucked back in the chika-reserved corner of my heart, but from whom we don’t always get a ton of media. Well, friends, let me tell you that we are currently in a glut — yes, a glut! — of GRATIA-ALA video, and I see no reason to further forestall getting into that.

The first, the most recent? My personal favorite:

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Just like with Bakuon Dolls Syndome, I occasionally get reminded that idols exist not because they do something new and buzz-worthy and all over Twitter, but because somebody else references them, or a random photo makes a memory pop up, or a playlist turns out something you haven’t heard in a while, etc. The point is, trying to pay attention to as much of idol as possible is a great way to lose track of a lot of idol along the way.

For instance, remember GRATIA-ALA? They had a nice moment of attention way back at the beginning of the year, and then got lost in the wash, and justifiably so considering that they haven’t really done anything since.

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It’s Indie Idol Wednesday, So How’s GRATIA-ALA Doing?

One of my very favorite newer things has got to be GRATIA-ALA. Everything from their sound to their look feels like it belongs playing on bigger stages with bigger acts and signing with Fujiyama Project or something. It’s cool stuff.

The week has been surprisingly low-key, but today’s the day for celebrating indies, and this recently added birthday live video is as good an opportunity as any to cram a little more GRATIA-ALA into our lives.

And now to deal with the fact that it’s stupid-ass Hump Day.

GRATIA-ALA Is Definitely off to a Strong Start

I was Twitter-diving the other day, kind of killing time between things at work, when one interesting new thing led to another and then I was on YouTube and it was just flash after flash of previously unfamiliar music from idols I’d never heard of and then. Then.

I wasn’t so much blown away as I was subsumed and desperately wanted to know more.

That’s not even idol; it’s like post-idol

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