Gomochi and Aza Have Been Suspended from Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da

Per requests and updates, this has been heavily edited; sorry in particular to the source who didn’t want to be a source and thanks to the very helpful anonymous translator

You know, all you want to do is wrap up some work that you’ve been promising, and suddenly a weird bit of scuttlebutt from earlier in the day absolutely explodes.

A tiny little tidbit about something happening with Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da didn’t seem like anything, but I remembered it because I have already vowed to set the entire world on fire if anything happens to my beloved Zenkimi. And when I saw this happen …

… I got that really bad feeling.

Follow the link. It’s a really substantial news post from Zenkimi’s management; this is where I’m editing the heaviest, but there were photos of Aza and Gomochi hanging out with fans, which is a “serious breach of contract,” and they’re suspended immediately. They won’t be making appearances, but there’ll be a show on the 23rd, and that’s when their fate will be decided.

Here’s a photo; these fans are banned from future events:

h/t to Straight from Japan for the original translation help and my anonymous benefactor for clearing it up

I’m keeping this next bit, but lined out, for proof that I’m an idiot and you should never trust me about anything. I don’t even use my real name!

However. Remember how Zenkimi suddenly announced auditions a little while back? I thought it was because Megumi, who’s in company management and I believe the actual player-manager of Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da, wanted to focus on the business side, but it’s entirely possible that this was percolating, and the incident in question (the fans are banned) is basically a work.

There is additionally scuttlebutt about improper gifts to the members in question, but the anonymous translator has noted that the 23rd will probably be where Gomochi and Aza will make their public apology and then … that’ll be it. They’ll be out.

All I know for sure is that the most joyously chaotic act in idol is in a little bit of a crisis, and I don’t like this feeling.

This is no time for completely on-point puns, Maniac.

22 thoughts on “Gomochi and Aza Have Been Suspended from Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da

  1. WHAT?

    This seems pretty terrible. Although it makes sense, I was not aware in was part of the girls’ contract to not hang out with their fans. It also brings up other questions regarding who can be your friend and who can be your fan if they are not part of the entertainment industry.

    It’s such a shame.

    (And a potential nomination for biggest letdown or saddest graduation, if I may).

      • I was trying to be optimistic and still hope they won’t quit the group. I just read the articles written by the Manager (producer?) of Shoujo Kakka no International and it just makes this whole thing more tragic/painful.

  2. This is insane. I am shocked. Like WTF. I mean they knew the rules. They knew what they were signing up for when becoming an idol. The terms & conditions may seem a bit cruel and inhumane to some but it is what it is. I can’t believe it. I can only hope for the best and just hope they are only suspended for a short time as punishment and not a total boot from the group. I like Aza & Gomochi and think they fit in perfect with ZenKimi.

  3. -Zenkimi management doesn’t pay the members any money save for the pic related who’s been with the agency before the group was formed (unconfirmed, but could be true.)
    -Knowing this, a group of fans start to give them loads of gifts instead of buying CD’s and so on(Confirmed)
    -The boss takes out “preferred customers” to eat (confirmed)
    -These fans start to get preferential treatment from some members (longer cheki sessions, more intimate cheki’s, loads more twitter replies) (confirmed)
    -Rumours start swirling that some members have begun hanging out with this set of fans outside of events (confirmed with the picture leak)
    -When the boss was confronted about this, he didn’t care. When the girls are happy, business is good.

    How the fanbase is taking this? Those who heard the rumours, got confirmation. A lot of unhappy guys, many have decided not to support them. It’s developing as it is, but this is not good news.

    Why? You spend a lot of money and then these kids come in and get much better treatment without even paying.

    Sources: Twitter, a smaller japanese anonymous board and things i’ve heard from japanese fans.

  4. Don’t know the group, but encountered them some days ago at Shinjuku Tower Records, promoting their CD release. Have the two girls in question been there still? (I remember one blonde). Then this happened quick!

  5. So essentially some salty wotas who are jealous they don’t get as much contact as these fans who are if the rumours are true are heavily supporting the girls then decided to make a big deal out of it and grass them up and get them suspended. What a crock of shit. Sometimes idol is so stupid it hurts me. If they get removed from the group codomo mental can eat dirt if it calls that handling a situation, there apologising for hurting the fans…you’ve hurt no one and if people get upset then they need grow up and live reality life isn’t fair and the girls arnt your property. I’m done with idol for and the weekend going to clear my head.

    • Well, not really. essentially that’s idol getting bribed and getting stupidly caught, endangering the support of the rest of the customer of the groups from what Anthony Hologram reported.
      Wether you get it or not because we don’t think like the usual Japanese otaku is none of the matter here.

  6. Agree with Ramenshuriken. Envy of other wotas at play here. What I don’t get: How can the members not being paid by their agency? I mean, an idol needs to cover her life expenses as with any other job.

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