A Dark Day: Now Hotaru Is Leaving NECRONOMIDOL

It’s actually quite pleasant outside, so she must be content with the decision.

I did not expect to see this in my feed when I woke up (late) this morning:

Hotaru’s going to be following on Kusaka Karen’s heels and graduating to (ironically) enroll in university. Her final appearance as a Dark Girl will be either on the 29th or at the Corazon Fest (genuinely a good bill!) in December (I can’t tell and translators suck).

This one stings.

You know me; for about 99 percent of all idols, I have what one might call a “flippant” attitude — I like your music, I like what you’re about, but idol is ridiculous and let’s not take this stuff so seriously and the members are funnier when being put anywhere other than a pedestal.

Like, when Karen graduated, I was sad for Necroma; I don’t like when my personal favorites undergo the ebbs and flows of the natural cycles of idol. But despite having one of the most hilarious of all Instagram accounts, Karen was always a piece of a puzzle to me, part of the team but not an indispensable one.

With Hotaru, though, that’s in my guts. She was Necroma’s first new member, spindly and pale and barefoot and apparently terrified as hell of going up on stage (one would think that it would be the stage that was terrified, but). The first time I saw video with her in it, I thought, this is exactly what a member of something called “NECRONOMIDOL” should look like.

So I’ve had this affinity for the young woman and, for one of the few times since I started in this whole business, felt a little wota pull toward her. The effervescent Sari working on her to get over the anxiety and shyness was fun — the person who didn’t want to go on stage was modeling! Singing can be an adventure when you ply the sonic waters of Necroma’s vocals, but she got comfortable. She still probably needed to eat a sandwich, but I imagine that feasting on the souls and blood of innocents does get filling despite its lack of calories.

Anyway. Hotaru, if you see this, this recent set that you tweeted is how I’ll remember you:

Incidentally, I was looking for other Necroma stuff last night and shared this video on Facebook, feeling like there was some news coming up soon (actually: a single) and whetting the public’s appetite for the Daughters of the Damned; irony, they name is Maniac.

And in other Necroma news, Karen seems to be settling into her new, human life well:

Also, Reima is no longer a Twitter egg, much to my disappointment:

The dissonance in that photo …

3 thoughts on “A Dark Day: Now Hotaru Is Leaving NECRONOMIDOL

  1. Probably going to the same Uni as Shion. Or maybe just finally getting over her latent sexual tension with Lili.

    Hotaru was always fun to talk to so it’s a shame. Kusaka was chaos, Hotaru was neurosis and all sorts of mental disorders, which was cute and endearing as you could see the effort she put in and still see the vulnerability under it that gave her that ability to give voice to the tortured soul she portrayed on stage. Remember one performance she forgot her safety shorts. Rather than not performing or toning down her level of crazy, she went even more crazy than normal and ended up lying facedown in the middle of the crowd, skirt up around her waist, in a pool of water. She didn’t seem to care, and was even more buzzed than ever in MC.

    I’ll miss her.

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