And Down Goes LADYBABY

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Gomochi and Aza Have Been Suspended from Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da

Per requests and updates, this has been heavily edited; sorry in particular to the source who didn’t want to be a source and thanks to the very helpful anonymous translator

You know, all you want to do is wrap up some work that you’ve been promising, and suddenly a weird bit of scuttlebutt from earlier in the day absolutely explodes.

A tiny little tidbit about something happening with Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da didn’t seem like anything, but I remembered it because I have already vowed to set the entire world on fire if anything happens to my beloved Zenkimi. And when I saw this happen …

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Twitter Threw a Gosh-darn Hammer at the Alice Project

And they’re back! A couple of days in the cooler and no harm done. Does anybody know if the notables had to sacrifice followers or anything? Nope, gone again.

I was originally going to show off this bonkers-ass video of Kamen Joshi at ROBOT RESTAURANT that’s been making the rounds over the last few days, and in fact am using the exact same piece of HTML to completely change the script, because this is a much more interesting story.

Our friend Pukovnik Krv tipped me off last night that Twitter had suspended the accounts of pretty much every member of Kamen Joshi due to (tell me if this sounds familiar) “botspamming, botfollows and SEO hacking.”

Basically, according to Twitter, the tens of thousands of followers (and the almost automatic follow-backs in many cases) were nothing but a lie and in contravention of the terms of use. As of the minute that I’m pressing the Publish button, searching Twitter for Tachibana Anna or Kamiya Erina or Tsukino Moa or any other notable turns up nothing but mentions, no accounts. Continue reading