Let’s Finally Tackle This C-Style Thing

Once you start following idol events and paying attention to who crosses paths with who, you inevitably start to run into C-Style (Twitter). I find them one of the biggest enigmas in this whole ball of wax.

I’m sure that there are people on here are big C-Style fans. Good for you! If you are, I need your help.

To whit: I do not understand C-Style.

Where are they from? What are they all about?

Like, their PVs sound cool:

And they have this really unique look and powerful performance style:

I like to think of it as “schoolgirl bushido.”

They seem very intense (in an idol kind of way):

But the music of theirs that they put out #1 overall has all the power of sifted flour:

It’s a fine song, a nice ballad. Just … where’s the juice?

But then things like this happen:


And here’s some extended live video that, again, looks boss as hell:

So what’s the deal? Seriously. They’re far from new, they have good enough management to be on U.S. iTunes, they’re among the most active groups on Facebook (which was the inspiration for today’s missive), they get involved in rock festivals and so on … Should I like them? Do they actually belong here?

Help me out.

9 thoughts on “Let’s Finally Tackle This C-Style Thing

  1. Very interesting…They also seem to have an extreme “cooler than thou” style, between the language they use in the crowd interactions and the announcement vid that you posted, lots of お前 and generally rough male language. Kinda refreshing to be honest.

  2. You forgot to mention (and post) the videos that show members of C-style face slapping their fans, lol! Personally, I think they are super cool. Fingers crossed I get to attend one of their shows next Monday … and get slapped in the face myself, lol!

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