Get Your Prog On, Says xoxo EXTREME

Pretty sure that I’ve used a version of this title before, so sue me

Man, the first part of this week was absolutely exhausting. Did you know that we set a record, not just for Homicidols Dot Com, but I’m going to go ahead and claim for any Western J-music-oriented bloggy site, period? Yep: In about 12 hours, we issued 10 unique posts, and legitimately only a handful of that was planned April Fools stuff; the rest was because of either awesome pranks that needed to be called out, or just plain awesome stuff that needed to be shared. And we still didn’t get all of it! It was most of the stuff for Tuesday too! Wild as hell. I feel like I’m still digging out.

After all of that, you need a re-charge, and what better serendipity than to connect with something I got a little excited about recently, which is here rendered in all of xoxo EXTREME’s unique live goodness:

I had to look up the song because while I’m not the world’s biggest prog fan, I do enjoy the older school of it quite a bit and recognized neither the track nor the artists — and discovered that they’re actually fairly contemporary, as prog goes, or at least as prog that sounds like this goes. So that’s neat.

For the group, man, I was hoping that this was out because of some bigger release push, but alas, all I see that single cover and a bunch of lives. Maybe next time! Goodness knows that if there were to be a full high-quality album of idol-delivered prog rock, that might warrant giving them every (good) award that there is to give.

Until idol power metal (that isn’t Babymetal) comes along, that is.

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