A Friday Fun for Improving on the Originals

Last week’s fun was a real brainteaser for a lot of you! Let’s take a look:

It’s a pretty funny coincidence that both of the most recent albums that I’m the most hype for just happen to be cover albums; you’ve got Bed In’s Endless Bubble out this week, but also, in the longest wait for a new idol release, my all-time favourite idol unit and queens of cover songs W finally released a collection of their canceled music (okay, that one is an EP, and the title track is an original song, but it’s W damn it!).

Yep, these past two weeks I’ve been all about cover albums. I want more! More! So this week, come up with some good concepts for idol cover albums. The hashtag is #IdolCoverAlbums and now I’m going to listen to Choi Waru Devil for the billionth time.