Your Homicidols Weekender #123

A very happy Saturday to you! Ah, at last, it is spring. Also at last, it is nice(ish) out. And also at last, it’s Corenament time! We had a really strong first-first round, with the second half of it to follow today, in just a little bit (I was derelict in doing my homework, so hold the hell on).

And what a week for idol! There are things in here that I really wish that I’d had more time to try to put together into a real post, like the EMPiRE thing, but alas, I had a Biz Markie-DJ’ed dance party to be at last night. That’s right — only the fanciest for the fine people
of Maniac Mansion. It also reminded me that I suddenly have a whole mess of gigs that I bought tickets for, and I should probably not waste that, even if a certain percentage of them are dance parties like the aforementioned.

So go enjoy this, and play the Fun too, because Kerrie found a good one on her way to a little social media vacation, and then find more good times for yourself. Even if you’ll be joining me for spring cleaning and basketball and yeah sure Corenament voting, that’s still pretty good considering that it was freezing and rainy like just a week ago!

The Optimism Is Strong With This One

New single coming from GANG PARADE:

I hope somebody out there is enjoying these REGiNA KiSS videos:

Got some membership updates from Shuuengo Buppan Manji, who will also change their name again, hopefully to something less manji-y:

Koutei Camera Girl Drei, anybody?

The question on everybody’s mind:


Here, get a little bit better acquainted with le biglemoi:

Canadians, hold on to your butts, for The World Standard is headed your way:

SPARK SPEAKER, live, with a band:

Man, everything that amiinA does is so good:

Here, some uijin:

No need to pretend that Task have Fun is anything other than exactly what their name implies:

I have a weakness for, so sue me:

At least nobody can say that our wonderful Dots aren’t going out in style:

Idol in Focus

This week’s Idol in Focus is Sakohata Aya, former leader of Splash! back when they were a major label thing for some reason and one of the idols who presence really inspired the Weekender’s existence — it was an excuse to make posts about them without having to focus too sharply. Lucky us, she just released a new single!

I was super invested in her first solo single, so it’s really cool to see her still working this brutal, unforgiving music business game.


JoanJoan, who are awesome, are now going by Melt Music, which is a great descriptor for what it does, actually:

Like some kind of EMPiRE reboot?

Stop everything, including the Weekender, to listen to this live performance by Oyasumi Hologram:

Something’s brewing from wyenra:

Just imagine SODA in There There Theres:

Enjoy(?) Watanabe’s fashion show:

My girls in xoxo EXTREME are still going strong and that makes me happy:

Somebody get Lein her own TV show already:

Have a great weekend!