Welcome Back, PassCode

From digest to short-version MVs, PassCode’s pulling out the usually promotional rotation for the CLARITY album, which is yes now completely out on all platforms, so stop wasting time and start jamming this stuff into your brain via olfactory orifices:

If this is what passes for a “short version” anymore, what’s even the point of shortening?

It’s so damn good to hear PassCode doing their thing, man. I always fear that they’re going to be lost to us for one reason or another, so every teaser — let alone release — is like a warm hug of comfort, if you usually get hugs of comfort from screaming she-demons while their friends mockingly dance around you.

And it’s good to see them, pulling from the same aesthetic pool as they have during the entire major run, all the way back to “MISS UNLIMITED” and the era that made me a believer in the power of whatever PassCode happened to do,* albeit with crucial updates. They swagger with a degree of cool that idol — full of earnest kids and try-hards — usually struggles with. I do want to see the whole thing, if only for the excuse to see more of PassCode, but beggars and choosers and all that. We’ll get it when we get it.

In the meantime, let me tell you, I have now listened to this whole thing and won’t be writing a proper review for want of time, so: Whoa nelly, go listen to the dang PassCode album!

*Yeah, I know that I spent a while bagging on them, leave me alone

One thought on “Welcome Back, PassCode

  1. This album is phenomenal! I’d say this is their best work.

    Also, whoever plays bass for them is sick. Some really great bass lines throughout this album.

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