Get Your Monday petit pas! Right Here

Who even needs commentary at this point? Petit pas! are just on a damn roll. And this is right up there with the rest of the very quality stuff that they’ve been putting out there ahead of the album release.

Petit pas! is also in the running to win “best but also most random album art.”

There are six more Monday left before the album hits on May 25; six songs have now been released during this run. How many more do you think they have in them?

3 thoughts on “Get Your Monday petit pas! Right Here

  1. Cool Tune. Got a little YMM vibe to it. Track count? Seems like 10 to 12 is the norm these days.Hope they leave some “un-leaked”. Still don’t understand the logic behind posting songs before the album release. A couple of teaser tracks, ok, but half your album?? Good band nonetheless, enjoy their upbeat nature. That’s why we’re here.

  2. These girls just keep bringing the good stuff. I’m expecting this name to get bigger and bigger over the next few months!

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