Just to Show You They’re Serious, TIF Invites Trouble Back on Stage

A few days late to this party, but the Tokyo Idol Festival (a cesspool of scum and villainy) has been releasing its schedule so far. Here’s how I reacted to some of the news as it came out on Friday.

See, TIF is kind of a big deal. Like, the biggest idol festival. The one that can catapult you to national, even international, attention. It’s no place for the kinds of ruffians that inhabit this domain.

Accordingly, currently confirmed for TIF 2016 are:

Also getting mentioned because I like denpa style a whole lot are Band ja Naimon!, Moso Calibration and Niji no Conquistador; if you go looking for TIF videos after the festival, you should look at those groups and be all “Maniac’s right. I should trust him totally.” Sending me your social security number is optional, of course.

Now, for the uninitiated, the reasons for my tweets above are as follows: This could be PassCode’s year and they are awesome; but more importantly, BiSH and POP, who are managed by the same agency, were both kicked out of TIF last year on account of unacceptable levels of rowdiness that … well … let’s just say that the people on stage had no interest in not encouraging people not to not be breaking a bunch of festival rules and breaking a bunch of shit.

One would think that as respectable an organization as the Tokyo Idol Project wouldn’t be interested in having such riff-raff back at their show, but then not only are they already loading up on rock / rowdy acts, they’re happily accepting large cash payments welcoming the troublemakers back no doubt due to their ability to sell a ton of tickets. What will they do next?

And while the Bellhearts and PassCodes and Party Rockets of the world are all kinds of covered on this site, I’ve barely touched YKG and haven’t even mentioned PiiiiiiiN before, so here are a couple of videos to get you acquainted.

Plus, if I don’t share some Yamaguchi Kassei Gakuen, Phillter will have a sad.

You can see the whole lineup, or at least what’s confirmed for it so far, on the TIF website.

4 thoughts on “Just to Show You They’re Serious, TIF Invites Trouble Back on Stage

  1. FYI: broken video link, second one. And yes, I MAY have a sad (lol).

    This could totally be Passcode’s year to launch, especially on the ever-flowing waves of Babymetal’s success and exposure. Being a surfer on that wave is no shameful act. Especially since Passcode is like that 50 year old surfer guy that has lived on the beach his whole life, goes out every day, and has always dreamed of surfing a hurricane-monster wave. And now that hurricane-monster wave is here with what Metal Resistance is doing to international media outlets…PASSCODE IT’S YOUR MOMENT, DUDE!…ettes…umm…

    That analogy got a little weird…but I’m sticking with it. 😛

    It’s really REALLY unfortunate that I’ll be in Tokyo on August 1st-3rd but then who knows where I’ll be after that…Gonna make an effort to go to this fest though. It’ll be killer.

    • Here. I FIXED IT.

      I wish I had no obligations and could hang out in Babymetal YouTube at all hours, just posting back to PassCode. “This is also very good!” And then some old overruns of *All Is Vanity* will show up in a used record store and someone’ll post photos to Twitter and I’ll consider that enough of a success.


        Kinda surprised that ALL IS VANITY went out of print as fast as it did…I think the run was only 3 months. I’m betting that when Passcode blows up that’ll become a rare and sought after piece of their history. ((greedily clutches his copy))

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