You Can Listen to and Acquire the New WILL-O’ Single

To be filed under “Gee Thanks, Guys!”: WILL-O’, who you may remember as Alloy but who definitely stand out on their own now several months into the new incarnation, have a new single, “Jump!”, available for purchase and streaming on like all of the platforms, so this is your chance:

As with the last dedicated WILL-O’ post, this one is short on content but long on imperative. If you’re a veteran of this whole loudol thing, upon listening, you may find yourself recalling the dearly departed petit pas!, of whom WILL-O’ is a literal direct descendant, and you would be right to do so, as the only differences between this song and the original are: Continue reading

It’s a Very Quiet Day in Idol, So Here’s Something Wild

Well, kind of wild. In a long-distance, lo-fi kind of way.

But loogit! Pikarin was recently joined on stage by Shinozaki Kokoro, ex of petit pas!, and the two of them did one of the loudest, screamiest duet versions of “Re:START” you ever will hear:

Picked up via Patrick

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Next (small) Steps for petit pas!

JAM was the last hurrah for petit pas!, whose three-year odyssey to become the cutest idols in Tokyo led to a 2016 of triumph and tragedy, their performance at TIF setting off chatter that was confirmed after the festival closed: petit pas! was done.

I found myself searching high and low for their video from TIF and finally found it via a Chinese source that doesn’t care very much for things like iframes. You need Flash to see this.

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One Small Step toward the End: The Final One-man for petit pas!

The end of petit pas! is nigh, and that’s legitimately sad because, as we saw in the run-up to their album release, and the album itself, they had a really great thing going musically; I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that the petit pas! story is ultimately a sad one.

They held their final one-man performances two weekends ago and, with the only upload on their official YouTube channel, shared clips from Part 1:

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Another Quitting While They’re Ahead? Petit pas! Is Dissolving

This news is about two minutes old at this point, so no details, but call this a placeholder until more stuff is available.


Prep for TIF: petit pas! Live Set

The Tokyo Idol Festival is two whole days away! And just about all of us will be vicariously enjoying TIF from afar!

But that’s okay. In addition to the absolute fuckton of video (official and non) that’ll emerge, the magic of modern technology means that we can freely check out TIF-related content for the idols we’d be going to see, anyway.

Like, here’s petit pas!(.) Continue reading

Inside the Homicidol Mind: Shinozaki Kokoro of petit pas!

The more you learn about petit pas!, the more you appreciate the kind of hustle that goes into idol; the current trio’s only been together for about a year, but Kokoro has been there since the beginning, now the leader of a self-mandated “little steps” group with the aim of being the most kawaii in Tokyo, combining a rock sound with a hip youth-culture aesthetic.

Three years on and a pretty good debut album still fresh, it’s fair to say that petit pas! may not yet have reached their goal, but they’re doing pretty okay nonetheless.

Kokoro spoke with Gekirock about the group’s progress, the album and her own career, and Phillter got in more handy practice in providing the translation (thanks, dude!). A few highlights: Continue reading

How about a Preview of Tomorrow’s News?

There’s a nice little insight into a certain recent site favorite coming in the morning, but why wait that long? Here’s a member of the group in question with a self-uploaded dance video of “ナツコイ”:

That’s Hinata Suzu of petit pas!, in case you were wondering.

I Review Things: petit pas! | “Refrain”

Cover for Japanese idolcore rock idol group petit pas! album Refrain

I usually put a disclaimer here, but I’m very pleased to be able to say that I’m able to do this review with eyes wide open and without any pre-existing bias or anything. Just big thanks to the person who helped me acquire this album; I literally couldn’t have done it without your help.

On to the review! Continue reading

It’s Monday, So of Course There’s Something From petit pas!

After the longest tease in human history, petit pas! finally got around to releasing their debut album, Refrain, last week. More on that to come, but right now their official YouTube channel has available-one-day-only video from their release performance:

That title track is a good one, but “Yozora” is up there, too; good enough to be featured in this commercial for non-alcoholic sparkling wine:

That commercial will live forever, but the live video will be gone by this time tomorrow, so enjoy and share.