GARUDA Is on Soundcloud, Praise Be

If you recall, friends, for a very long time, my personal white whale was an idol act doing industrial. We’ve had idols cross paths with all kids of punk and metal and whatnot, and hip-hop and jazz and EDM, but I never once got to lock sonic horns with any idol project that was lining up music inspired by anything like Chemlab or Fear Factory or peak NIN. It made me sad! Yeah, industrial is about as tailor-made for song-and-dance units as I am for needlepoint, but if BiS could pull off “STUPiG”, there had to be a way to the will.

Then along came GARUDA, aka Yuffie, aka part of like seven different other projects because you can’t keep a good creative down. While her work wasn’t quite industrial per se, it was certainly machiney and loud and made me feel like there was hope for this strange idol dream to be realized.

And then she got on Soundcloud and kind of sealed the deal!

I think John is Yuffie’s biggest fan, so maybe he has more info that is coming to mind right now. I just wanted to say that it’s a crime that GARUDA is so incredibly chika. Maybe being so absurdly unique will work in her favor, and she’ll catch on among fans who appreciate the more out-there in the world and will rise and become the next KOTO or something, or she’ll be able to have GARUDA as her labor of love while MELON BATAKE A GO GO becomes as wildly popular as that all deserves, or maybe a cult will form around the Yuffies and SOZELICAs and Benis of the world and they’ll be elevated to the official status of living gods. Regardless, I will her very well.