This GARUDA MV Is Everything I’ve Ever Wanted

I am a man of varied, but simple, tastes. I like savory foods and funny movies and boozy drinks and contact sports and loud music. I like most of these things best when I’m the one doing them, save for the loud music part, as I am not blessed with such skills; instead, I like when loud music is performed in unique and interesting ways, like by Japanese girls screaming into microphones. Hence, this whole idol business, and this whole Homicidols thing. For almost two years did I delve deeply into idol, chika and otherwise, discovering and sharing and thinking and celebrating, before putting HTML to Internet. I thought I knew all there was and would be.

There were idols of all shapes and sizes, of all genres and styles. Some did great, others less so. Some seemed to even transcend ideals, as they blended and offended elements until they had a thing that was all their own. And still, there were holes! The most notable, for me, was industrial. Yes, I spent a long stretch of time declaring for the world to know that an industrial idol, even a reasonable facsimile of the same, was my Most Wanted, my white whale. If I could have that, I could consider the loudol circle closed.

And then GARUDA, the ball of dangerous creativity otherwise known as Yuffie, answered the bell. Her first real-deal single has been available for purchase for a hot minute, and now we get the real-deal MV for it: Continue reading

Good Golly, GARUDA

Soundcloud apparently heard me giving it crap, or telling people about a bunch of the idols using it won me sympathy or something, because the dang app started to work again yesterday. Picked up a nice piece for the Weekender right away, and then Yuffie treated us to the latest stage in her ongoing development from Idol Who Kind of Does Industrial to The Idol Who Does Industrial Full Stop. Listen to this thing:

I’m loving the space that idol keeps finding to expand anymore, and I love how solo practitioners are finding opportunities to experiment and pursue passion projects within that space. Everything Melon-related is cool, but I daresay that Yuffie backhandedly emerges as the coolest thing in there, overall. It almost makes me glad that Re:Alice didn’t pan out; I want her spending all of her time on Melon and GARUDA and being part of my fantasy-booked tour of squats and speakeasys in the Mid-Atlantic.

By the way, did you know that Yuffie’s a contestant in Queen of the Scene, which kicks off in not even two hours (or has already if you’re late to this party)? Is she worthy? HAS SHE EARNED IT YET? We’ll see!

I’m Unreasonably Happy about This New GARUDA Track

Not to be outdone by her friends / other project and their ever-ongoing chunks of new material, Yuffie, the idol who in her solo moments dons the guise of GARUDA, the only outright industrial idol* has another song ready for our ears, though our ears may not be entirely ready for it:

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GARUDA Is on Soundcloud, Praise Be

If you recall, friends, for a very long time, my personal white whale was an idol act doing industrial. We’ve had idols cross paths with all kids of punk and metal and whatnot, and hip-hop and jazz and EDM, but I never once got to lock sonic horns with any idol project that was lining up music inspired by anything like Chemlab or Fear Factory or peak NIN. It made me sad! Yeah, industrial is about as tailor-made for song-and-dance units as I am for needlepoint, but if BiS could pull off “STUPiG”, there had to be a way to the will.

Then along came GARUDA, aka Yuffie, aka part of like seven different other projects because you can’t keep a good creative down. While her work wasn’t quite industrial per se, it was certainly machiney and loud and made me feel like there was hope for this strange idol dream to be realized.

And then she got on Soundcloud and kind of sealed the deal!

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You Wanted More GARUDA Live This Morning, Didn’t You?

Hey gang! You remember GARUDA, right? The please-let-it-be-so industrial+metal solo idol? Some videos this morning:

Boy, that sounds familiar!

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I Wanted an Idol Doing Industrial. I Got GARUDA.

If you’ve been around these parts long enough, gang, you know about my personal white whale, The Thing That Should Not Be, the idol impossibilium: Somebody, anybody doing actual industrial, metal or otherwise. Barring some really indie projects that I’ve never come across, the closest we’ve ever gotten have been a few different denizens of the digital hardcore space — I was even holding out hope that Alloy, whose original look was all fascist and neo-something and whose friggin’ name is Alloy might be The One, but naw.

Then John started kicking this around the other day, and my hopes got up … and then the videos happened:

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This One Step Closer to Industrial Idol Is Intoxicating

If we’ve ever interacted much on Twitter or Facebook, you know that my personal white whale is an idol project that actually goes full-on industrial — I’m talking the really filthy, heavy, distorted electronic gamut rum between NIN and Ministry and all the way out to Fear Factory. I want this, as it would tie a neat little bow around idol’s ability to genuinely do everything.

This isn’t quite there, but it’s close:

Thanks, Pure Idol Heart!

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