GANG PARADE Really Is the New WACK Hammer

Though “new” is kind of a misnomer, I guess, given that the former POP has been on such a great roll for months and months now, but this companion piece to “GANG 2” still makes the grittier take feel fresh:

Maybe getting back their historic leader and flexing out the roster a little bit imbued GANG PARADE with some extra energy. I don’t know! But the group that was once somewhat-dismissively referred to as the WACK stable’s experimental wing has really found a groove over the last handful of releases, and arguably ever since the SiScorporation.

This single isn’t as brutally out there as some others, nor as exquisite, but it sure as heck is in that same spirit. The members feel like they’ve embraced the role really well, too, what with their ever-gleeful romps through MVs that tend more toward concepts and stories than most of what else comes from the stable. I don’t want to completely jump the gun on it — EMPiRE did just recently release an MV featuring a violence-obsessed anthropomorphic butt, and BiSH is BiSH and also has a single coming out in a matter of days — but yeah, welcome to really well and truly being the most consistently good and interesting part of WACK, GANG PARADE.

You really don’t need to try too hard to find your boss, you know; nobody will miss him