I Wasn’t Kidding, You Should Pay Attention to Toricago

I didn’t get a chance to share this one yesterday, but my oh my have I been listening to it.

Like, I just warned you all about Toricago the other day, all but beating you over the head with my very hot take that this is a group that’s got it, and here they are with just the latest exhibit:

Thanks for existing, bud!

If you’ve been paying attention for very long at all, you’ve probably caught on that, genre aside, there’s usually a pretty distinct difference in how a regular J-rock song will sound vs. how an idol rock (or, gods help us, idorock) song will sound. What helps to make Toricago so neat so far is — in a manner reminiscent of certain other impossibly well-put-together idols — that they sound a fairly far cry removed from the idol side of that comparison, and closer to what you’d expect to get from a band.

It’s a weird and fine line to draw, and it really doesn’t have anything to do with the vocals (which are still pretty idol), but with the way the composition is way more ambitious than hey-let’s-do-a-song-here’s-some-song. You could argue that a lot of the stuff that gets covered around here fits that bill, and that’s true to an extent, but I think the finer way to split that hair comes down to whether producer-san, in whichever case, is trying to appeal to wota or to music fans first and foremost. With wota, you can get away with a lazy composition as long as there’s space for MIX and wotagei; with people who are more serious about the musical side, a song that doesn’t do anything isn’t going to warrant very much attention, and no amount of kawaii on the stage is going to save it.

If it seems like I’m being kind of ham-fisted here, the answer is yes. I feel a certain pride in having been early on the Yanakoto Sotto Mute train, for instance, and for having caught the bug for Necroma and Tsurezure and others before most of the cool kids, too; on the flip, I only barely had the ol’ site for YSM and didn’t have it at all for most of the groups that I got into heavy and early, so if I can elevate a project and get it more attention and love and opportunity to sell stuff to gaijin wota earlier, maybe they can succeed just a little bit more, and I’ll have done my job better.

So, again: Toricago.

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