Just a Random Collection of Words in the Friday Fun

What was last week’s theme? Oh, right. There’s been so little word on what happened to Yuimetal that I was beginning to think nothing was wrong and she just never existed.

We need to talk about BiSH.

This week, they had their biggest show yet, and the god damn Yokohama Arena of all places! Amazing! But there was an announcement made there that raised more than a few eyebrows:

Not naming any names here, but someone over at WACK HQ seems to have an affinity for just slapping “naughty” words together and hoping for the best. Not just with the tour names, but look at the staff shirts for the Yokohama Arena show:

Indeed we have, Richard. Indeed, we have.

Are you more creative with words than ol’ Junjun? Come up with some better tour names! Use the hashtag #NameTheNextWACKTour, don’t be afraid to get real immature with this one. It’s what Watanabe would want.

Homicidol Maniac apologizes for the late arrival of the Fun. It won’t happen again.