I’ll tell you, one of the least enjoyable things that I ever learned about idols was that THE BANANA MONKEYS may have/had one of those relationships with management. I mean, there was actual chatter about it, not just backdoor fan innuendo or anything. That’s a shame in any instance, but Banamon is powered by reductions of pure joy drizzled over raw enthusiasm (with a side of banana!), so the thought that anything negative could or would ever happen in their simian little world is sadness.

They recently held their first anniversary one-man at Shinjuku LOFT; prepare yourself for uncontrollable desires to MIX:

I’m having very hard Dempagumi flashbacks

The next one-man is coming up in September, but I have a feeling that it won’t be half as fun as their event next week:

The downside of course is going sans clothes; the upside is that you might be able to get your loincloth autographed?