What’s Old Is New Again: GANG PARADE’s ‘Plastic 2 Mercy’

We have already trod this ground to an extent with the awkward business with the “Winter Song” free download that wasn’t but the pretty okay Soundcloud experience. That was the B-side to GANG PARADE’s upcoming single re-release of “Plastic 2 Mercy”*; this is the real McCoy:

Hey, and maybe the download link works this time! (It does!) Or, given how they didn’t even bother to correct it the last time (unless I missed that), I guess that epic prankster Watanabe was just getting another one over on us! What a commentary on the human condition and his own oft-frustrating idol project!

Anyway. There are going to be several cohorts of reaction to this reproduction of the Pla2me classic, and I’d love for unfiltered thoughts from people who fit any of these categories:

  • OG Pla2me fans
  • Long-standing POP/GANG PARADE fans who didn’t hate turning Pla2me into something else after Mari left
  • Newer GANG PARADE fans
  • People who don’t like GANG PARADE on the whole
  • That special category of humans who find in Kamiya Saki the sun and moon and stars and who can routinely be found online, agonizing in public over what her career has become

Because I’ll tell you how Maniacs fall on these things: It was a pretty good song when it was Pla2me’s, and it’s a pretty good song now that it’s GANG PARADE’s, so it is therefore a pretty good song and even the video has some nice art to it and I’d love for this to be the … (wait for it) … (ahem) parade route (I SLAY ME!) for the group moving forward. Well-done electro-pop with an artistic bent, such that you could do a joint tour with Charisma.com and everybody could go home happy? That’d be okay!

And can we just add some commentary on how (studio) good the new members sound? And how YuiGD might be my new favorite person for the 35 or so minutes until I find another one?

*I was typing even faster than usual, and I wrote “Plastic 2 Merch,” and I laughed so hard that I hurt myself. What an additional commentary!

14 thoughts on “What’s Old Is New Again: GANG PARADE’s ‘Plastic 2 Mercy’

  1. It’s still my favorite song and it makes me kinda happy to see that it eventually got an MV. We still have 3/5 of POP, Maika is amazing and the SiS girls fit right in. It’s all good.

  2. I had never listened to Plastic2Mercy before and now I understand why their album was the best thing that happened that year and the disappointment of P.O.P.

    I am just blown away by how good this is.

    I am finding myself warming up to Gang Parade quite a bit, but if they make more songs like this, I won’t be weeping for the remaining members of SiS; they will clearly be making better songs that whatever stuff Watanabe had planned to anger BiS.*

    *I loved all the groups issued from BiS before I actually warmed up to most BiS songs, I still have that reflex of being wary of whatever Watanabe will think about for the girls.

  3. I’m the first 2 things in your list: an OG P2m fan AND a POP/GP fan, and this sounds GREAT. I mean, a great song is a great song. “Period say hello” was almost as good as “Pla2me say hello”, and “Ganpare say hello” is a nice refresh.
    Thinking more broadly, look at their new outfits and look at the song they chose as their debut single. Compare that to the “Happy Lucky” era. This looks like a reboot of P2m/early PoP rather than a rebuild of Gang Parade. They probably would have changed the name again if T-Palette’s marketing team didn’t scream at them about “what am I gonna do with these unsold t-shirts?!”
    Barely Last was a victim of 2016 circumstance, but Gang Parade’s 2017 is looking super promising. Future so bright I gotta wear a garbage bag and a gold chain.

  4. It’s funny, i try to keep up with all the changes that Mr Junnosuke and company do, but i can keep their track.

    Being said that, i like a lot this version, i don’t know why i never payed attention to the pla2me version, maybe because it was before my time in BiS daughters groups.

    Now GANG PARADE have my attention, and i’m starting to think that Mr Junnosuke is gonna end with an alt idol empire, that maybe would outshine the AKB48, Stardust and H!P companies (ok, maybe i’m exaggerating)

    • You may think of it as exaggerating, but I’ve learned two important things:
      1. Junnosuke is a difficult person to understand, but he’s definitely ambitious
      2. And if what he’s doing isn’t working, he’s willing to change it.

      GANG PARADE, through all of its iterations, was probably willed through most of the last year, until the SiS members gave it a shot in the arm and the opportunity to get back to Pla2me roots saved the project. It was obvious that WACK had no idea what to do with it, and they were cruising on “people like Saki” and “we can do some nice songs sometimes.”

      In just a few months, the group is suddenly as interesting as it’s ever been and feels like it has a real direction for the first time since they changed their named (again).

      And if Junnosuke can make that work, and he can prove that BiS can still be the BiS of old (or at least make decent money), then there’s no reason to doubt anything that he wants to do, and he could easily expand. That’d be cool!

    • Right, OTOTOY downloads are a pain. So what you’ll do is create an account (you may have already!). Actually selecting the file to download takes a few steps, but you’ll eventually complete a normal-seeming transaction for 0 yen. Then you’ll get redirected to a download page, from which you will not actually download the file/s, but will instead be instructed to wait for an email.

      That email will never come to your actual inbox, but only to your OTOTOY one. And it can take a while! It’s annoying. But you’ll eventually have a link to use to download, and that’ll let you get a .zip file with the file/s you “purchased”.

      It’s convoluted, but it works after a while.

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