For Melon Batake a go go, Plan 9 is a State of Mind

So if you’re keeping track, so far Melon Batake a go go have been:

  • Sick Idols
  • Idol Cats
  • The Idol From Outer Space
  • Idol of the Wilderness* 
  • Idol From Another Planet

…and as we see in this MV, they’re also the “Idol From Plan 9”!

We already know the psychobilly-flavored song (which is terrific!) because it’s a track included on their album “Ikasuze Idol 1.2.3!!’ released early in the year, so for the purposes of this article, let’s discuss the video. This has got the same inherent DIY quality that’s charmed us with their previous MVs. It’s low-budget, spontaneous, and you can very plainly see the members of the group are having a lot of fun. That’s really all you need, y’know?

To a large extent, I think these kind of videos are vastly preferable to big-budget bonanzas, since the focus is on the music and requires it ultimately sell you on the group. And the other great thing about them is that anybody can afford to make something like this. What’s really the value in spending a bunch of money on a slick and fancy MV to sell a middling song with little heart, except maybe to backhandedly admit your actual music isn’t really that interesting?

The one mild criticism I might offer here is that with a song title like “The Idol From Plan 9”, there was a great opportunity to include some zombie make-up and flying saucers made of spray-painted pie plates attached to fishing rods in this thing. And Ed Wood’s film “Plan 9 From Outer Space” is in the public domain for that matter, so it could’ve easily been projected on the white wall behind them – all things that wouldn’t have broken the bank. That’s okay though! The delightful members of Melon are fantastic characters in their own right, and they’ve got a whole career ahead of them to really go nuts in a future MV. This gets the job done, and they’re still doing it a lot better than most. Their future looks brighter than ever! 

* On western streaming media, they retitled this “Idol Aiming for Ahead”, although I also wonder if they meant “Idol Aiming For A Head”.