Melon Batake a go go Are Still SICK IDOLS And Thank Goodness…

Everyone’s favorite psychobilly melon idols from outer space have returned with another MV! This time it’s “SICK IDOLS” which is the lead-off track to their album IKASUZE IDOL, which technically is already floating around in a live-show only CD form, but next month will see major-label distribution (with more tracks and and a “1.2.3!!” added onto the title.) via Columbia Japan Records. Go get yer popcorn and dig in…

It’s a terrific song! But y’know what’s great about this video? It’s a perfect example of what you can do without spending a ton of money and relying on a lot of heart to make fun things. Just like the b-movies that the Melon girls wink at, there’s a spirit here that big bucks and CGI just can’t match.

And that’s one of the other things about Melon’s rise from the grave that’s both amazing and a hard to believe. When you look at where this group was at the beginning of 2018, when they were first written about here, it’s kinda nuts how far they came this quickly. (With a completely new line-up, no less.) And even now, as incredibly proud of them as I am, I still haven’t wrapped my head around the idea that this group is going from a self-releasing label called “Gollipop” to Columbia Japan. I’ll tell you the truth, the trepidation of a major-label screwing up a good thing is in the back of my mind, but I would really love to see this group flourish while still keeping their heart and soul intact. I’m going to hope that’s what happens here, so please, no overly super-slick production and CGI in the videos, okay? We want speaker pops in the music, and pie-plates on strings and gorilla suits! 

Now the next big move I want to see is these girls flown out for a few of the legendary pychobilly/garage/surf fests they throw over in Europe and here in the USA that pack in the hot-rod & tikibar set from all-around so this group can really blow up its audience. That crowd will love these girls cause they’re already primed on a diet of Guitar Wolf, The 5,6,7,8’s and Teengenerate. Like, it can’t miss, man!

So keep your eyes out for that new Melon album in January, and hope that that the majors don’t try to cure what makes these girls truly sick in the tradition of great sick artists.

2 thoughts on “Melon Batake a go go Are Still SICK IDOLS And Thank Goodness…

  1. Yeah it’s crazy how far and how fast they’ve come along but I guess you guys don’t see them as breaking out in 2019 or any potential for them next year according to your poll. They didn’t even make the choices lol, I guess Supreme Nothing could only have one pick and his second choice was the one most likely to become way more popular next year domestically and abroad if rumours are true.

    • why you guys care so much. loads of shit i wanted to see in there didnt make it in ether. and other way around.
      its not the Emmy awards, just a thing for fun.

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