Do You Want to Hear a Song That You Can’t Buy?

You guys remember notall, right? It wasn’t that long ago. Well, they’ve been busy, including performing at the Japan Expo in Paris. Which, cool beans, and good for them. While they were there, they (source below!) released this really fun tune with an MV that might set off your personal idol I Like Her!-ometers.

That’s really cool! Everything about it is cool — song, video, release locale, etc. But how about this? IT’S NOT FOR SALE.

While we’re on the topic of really neat stuff that idols do, you know? It’s pretty interesting timing, all things considered — like, while idols don’t have to be about-to-pop popular to go to Japan Expo (or any con/expo/whatever for that matter), it’s not exactly something that nobodies do; notall has fans, and yet they’re like “this is a great way to make more fans!” Really, the whole complex of it all. If you’re a Kokoro fan, say, but you don’t dig on notall? Now maybe you dig on notall!

Thanks, Pure Idol Heart!