I’m Not Sure That I Expected This from Hissatsu Emomomomo

I have to stop and count the ‘mo’ every time

Anyway, obligatory “Codomomental should sue for royalties twice” joke, and then the video, followed by detail:

Well that’s fun!

So here’s a fun little backgrounder on this particular group and this particular post: I wrote about them before! About two weeks ago, on the day when the site suddenly became an inoperable mess, I had this whole thing all queued up and ready to go. And then it wasn’t happening, and wasn’t happening, and I decided, screw it, I’ll just wait until they do some video or something someday, that’s bound to happen, right?

Anyway, what I was doing was sharing this from John, so go ahead on over there if you’re looking for info.

So, this one is a bit of me just stumbling across something because of groups retweeting each other. In this case the retweeter was まいみたまこ卍 [Maimi Tamako] an idol group I have not had the chance to talk about yet, perhaps I will later. Anyway, enough with this blather, let’s get on to this new […]

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7 thoughts on “I’m Not Sure That I Expected This from Hissatsu Emomomomo

  1. Good news/bad news for them.
    Bad news, it seems the one with the longer blonde hair, whose name google translates as Sai Moe Isle, is suspending activities.
    Good news this marks them as a real Idol group.

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