Oshi Digest #16: Profane

It’s good to see that Oshi has learned probably the most important word in the English language:

She’s doing even better than that, though!

I read Fujiko Hemming's book. "魂のピアニスト"

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This is obviously an important skill to have, because my intention upon meeting Oshi in the flesh in a few weeks is to immediately babble as quickly as I can in my heavily accented original version of English, having forgotten from being in the presence of majesty the “correct” ways to pronounce words. It’ll be amazing, and Oshi will be so delighted by the babbling madman before her! I’M SURE THAT SHE’S USED TO IT!

The whole team:

Just look at what she does to inanimate objects:

Oshi feasts:

Oshi exists in all dimensions simultaneously:

💎💎💎 オマヘは誰だ

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