Damn, Mad Magazine Is Blowing up Its Rosters

While the Himekyun Fruit Can mothership basks in the glory of a new album release and just keeps on truckin’, the other idol groups under the Mad Magazine Records umbrella are being hit with a mass graduation. (orig. via @Jul3rd)

From the Fruitpochette website:

To fans of everyone today, there is important announcement in the matter of about Muckle graduation members. nanoCUNE graduation / Ayu Ohara FRUITPOCHETTE graduation / Mina Teratani AiCune graduation / Hitomi Sato, Kaga Yamanashi gauze, Asumi Kinoshita more than five people came to be graduationをもってMarch 26, 2016. Had you cheering for a long time, we apologize deeply to everyone of each fan. We report on how and why at a later date graduation members their own blog about that led to graduation, even I will carry out again pleased to report than the person who jointly graduation performances carried out in Matsuyama Kitty Hall on March 26. It will be a big blow for Muckle, but members were left together, so as to enjoy in the future also our customers, including the staff, the future both because it will devote every day, thank you for your support.February 18, 2016 Mad magazine record President Chiaki Iga

So in addition to Fruitpochette losing half of its membership, sister/trainee groups nanoCUNE and AiCune are losing out, too.

There’s obviously something going on. The Alice Project underwent a mass defection that began about a year ago and led to huge restructuring up and down the roster, but that was because of a lot of member dissatisfaction; this sounds like a combination of changing management priorities and, at least in the case of Mina, possibly conflict with talent as a result.

This is sucky. At first glance, it does sound like Fruitpochette is going to keep going, albeit differently, and we may find out how at that graduation performance on March 26.

If you’re hip to any of the motivation/reason here, I’d love to hear from you.

7 thoughts on “Damn, Mad Magazine Is Blowing up Its Rosters

  1. to the best of my translation abilities-
    Ayu left nanoCUNE because 1) felt isolated from her classmates as she transitioned into High School 2) Was having problems with management and other members? 3) Was thinking of the future and wants to become a manicurist 4) She also started feeling injuries from dances, and she was becoming fatigued to the point she wanted to skip school the next day….

    That’s the best I can translate her Blog 🙁 I <3 Ayu she will be greatly missed..

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