Here’s What Fruitpochette and nanoCUNE Have Been Up To

When last we saw Fruitpochette, it was Teratani Mina’s farewell, leaving the future of the group in doubt. And when we last saw nanoCUNE … was never, actually, except in the context of Mad Magazine’s big blow-up earlier in the year.

Nonetheless, feet are being landed on, and we’re learning a little bit about where things go from here. Continue reading

Further Clarity on the Mad Magazine Situation

Finding out earlier this week that the whole Himekyun Fruit Can structure represented by Mad Magazine records was basically being blown up (except for Himekyun Fruit Can themselves, who released an album and are doing quite well, thank you) set off kind of a tizzy. People just plain had more questions than answers. At the moment, we have a another answer. Continue reading

Damn, Mad Magazine Is Blowing up Its Rosters

While the Himekyun Fruit Can mothership basks in the glory of a new album release and just keeps on truckin’, the other idol groups under the Mad Magazine Records umbrella are being hit with a mass graduation. (orig. via @Jul3rd)

From the Fruitpochette website: Continue reading