Teratani Mina Is in Fact Retiring

Building on the post from earlier about one half of Fruitpochette graduating along with a whole passel of down-roster talent at Mad Magazine, it turns out that Teratani Mina is leaving not due to a disagreement with management, as I had suggested, but due to actual real-deal health issues.

From her blog today (translations via Google):

First of all, I am now is the current hiatus in. Poor physical condition was the cause. But first is physical condition. Now we suffer a nasty disease to the current kidney. It was discovered the disease was the last year of around spring. I had time to rest a live broke last spring around physical condition. At that time in the hospital, was the examination of the body I learned about the disease.

Honest resolution decided to when the hospital in November. No more office and east, towards the officials, It would bother everyone’s fan. Iga president for his guessed it. We consulted that future together me care about my body. See the state of the body to rest for the time being activities. It was very thankful. I say because now, Is the end of it was painful really every week.

It’s ultimately a sad and melancholy message, but a very nice one to the fans and Shiori by the end.

Good luck to you going forward, Mina!

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