DAIDAIDAI Is Getting an Overhaul

DAIDAIDAI! Everybody should have a DAIDAIDAI in their idol life — that is, not a hard oshi situation, but a project that you totally love and respect and can put some emotional investment into without going over the top, because it’s just not that kind of project. Instead, you play their music as an accompaniment to life and quietly covet their merch. I put them down as one of my sleeper candidates for a big 2018 (because see above), and here they are at the onset of April giving the world a little peek at their plans:

It’s not an actual, real-deal, down-to-the-studs kind of overhaul, but a slight-membership-update-and-we’ll-debut-that-here kind of overhaul, with added emphasis on the Solid Chaos Pop theme (heart). If you’re interested in catching up, they’re putting the newbies all over Twitter (and, added bonus, you get this photo of Yuka with squid snacks). I’d also encourage you to take a stroll back through some of DAIDAIDAI’s more recent goings-on, because I’ll be gosh darned if I’m the only gaijin scum low-key stanning for them.