And Then There Were Two

And here we are. Three weeks, something around a bazillion matches, switcheroos, double eliminations, resurrections that led to immediate extra death … all to land us in what might be the least likely Corenament final in history.

Daemon’s regional winner, Kaqiryo Terror Architect, did it the old-fashioned way, winning every match in turn and taking a straight path to the final. Minna no Kodomo-chan, though, didn’t really pick up their momentum until they found themselves in the Loser’s Bracket (i.e., when their manager realized what was up and started to promote to their fans), ultimately absolutely crushing prohibitive annual favorites BiSH to round out the losers’ side (presumably because all of the WACK idols were getting prepped for those amazing auditions). There hasn’t been so clear a clash of outsiders since … uh, since … I don’t know! It doesn’t usually happen this way!

It looks like this:

This is for all the marbles, kids. Unless the Twins of Terror win, of course, whereupon we need a rematch and GAW MY HEAD HURTS.

Update: Reset after Minna no Kodomo-chan won in convincing fashion, 86-41. Can they do it again?

Poll closes at midnight, or if it at any point becomes a runaway. This ends today! IN BLOOD

4 thoughts on “And Then There Were Two

  1. 1:20 pm PST, 4:20 pm EST (you east coasters know what to do) and this is looking like it will be about as close as the NCAA Championship game will be if ‘Nova shoots even half as well tonight as they did on Saturday.

      • I’m not gonna beat my own chest on this as my bracket had Xavier winning it all and Nova losing to Michigan St in the Semi-Final, but once I saw Nova play like hot garbage on offense against a good Texas Tech team and still win comfortably, I knew they would have to have a complete meltdown and their opponent would have to play their best game of the season for Nova not to win it all, but hey at least the game was closer than the Corenament final, which was even more decided once only one set of idols got involved.

  2. I’m so confused with this entire process. Just tell me who to send the damn pen to. PM me over on Facebook.

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