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Hey gang! If you love the stupid antics, half-baked theories and unnecessarily convoluted events of, now’s a great time to become a patron!

What do you get? Ordinarily, not much! I usually ask the patrons for input on next things, developments and the like, because I frankly don’t have the time to get too wild with it. Patrons also get the sense of satisfaction that comes with providing some funds that make it easier to keep the site’s lights on!

But now, thanks to our incredible, unbelievable relationship with WACK, we have a great one-time-only giveaway for one lucky patron!

Become a patron before midnight tonight, and you’ll be entered in to a drawing (with the existing patrons, thanks) to win a nice collection of leftover cheki contributed by our very good friend Watanabe Junnosuke and currently being curated by very good friend Peri Biiru.*

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*Who may or may not be Papermaiden