RIOT BABY Is a Riot, Baby

I’m so sorry

Man you guys, just when I thought it was safe to relax for a minute and settle into whatever kind of normal being a fan of idols really allows you to have, along comes … well, RIOT BABY:

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Good lord.

We have reached peak kawaiicore people; one of these girls is nine. Nine! And they somehow sound like a smashed-up version of Guso Drop and Malcom Mask McLaren after a NOFX bender. Does the presumptive leader like Babymetal? You bet your ass she likes Babymetal!

It’s Indie Idol Wednesday, too, but this is a little too slick a production for your average indie. No, something else is at play here. They’ve even met You’ll Melt More!

And are therefore around 700 percent cooler than me

The group’s a few months old, though I’m not sure exactly when they debuted. It doesn’t matter. I’m completely beside myself. I HAVE BACK HAIR OLDER THAN THESE GIRLS. They’re babies!

Happy Wednesday.

4 thoughts on “RIOT BABY Is a Riot, Baby

  1. Production values are high and the song is catchy, but looking at their ages I can’t help but be reminded of one of ( if not the) most tragic and f’ed up stories in all of music that of the early 90’s prepubescent hardcore band Old Skull.
    I hope the adults involved act like mature, moral and responsible adults.

  2. With a little luck this is the beginning of a great success story. After 5 listenings I really like it. In the beginning it was a bit to slick and boring but it grows 🙂

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