Yanakoto Sotto Mute Continues to Pump out New Music

It kind of isn’t fair that the perfect modern idols, who are even more perfect 10 months on than I ever could have guessed, take every new milestone (a great EP! another gorgeous video!) like it’s a challenge and immediately start to work new material into their lives. This is “Holy Grail”:

TY Viz Major!

This is the part where I start to blather on about how the title of the song is like a description for the group itself, a perfect final (even holy) rendering of idol, something that the scene was either going to create on its own or would simply come into being, springing forth from the idol godhead like so many postnatal goddesses of war, necessitated by its own perfection, an object-as-subject that indeed, like its namesake, should be quested for held aloft as something greater than humanity but nonetheless a gift to it.

But you all don’t want to deal with that. I understand.