Check out This New One from 143

So what I was saying yesterday about getting back through all of the things that I had wanted to try to cover in very short bursts while I was out? This was the literal #1 on that list. It got superseded because, as a proper idol fan, I do play favorites, but let us not pretend for a second that what I did didn’t have some semblance of injustice to it.

143! I love you! Among the I’ll-never-stop-talking-about-it Class of 2018, this may have been the group that had the best rollout, or at least the most deliberate. When they landed, it at least seemed to have imprimatur. Your mileage may vary! To say that the momentum, emotionally et al, was unsustainable without regard for the normal pace of idol debuts would be an understatement. So no, we wound up with a group that debuted and did some solid things in that crucial opening window, and then mostly settled into place, as idol, following Newton’s laws, is wont to do.

Which is to arrive at the point: 143 did a new song a couple of weeks ago!

Dang, that’s pretty nice. When I first started to get into idol, I often described the music as having “a lot going on,” and this is a great example of what that meant — complex, layered production and vocal parts running all over the place to have plural simultaneous melodies and constant re-riffage on the main themes. This has, like, genuinely good guitar work, and it straddles that line between rock and pop rock so well that I want to give it a little faux gold trophy. I’m even digging the vocoder chunks.

Here are lyrics (and credits):

I haven’t seen anything about an official release, but idols need to regularly add to their sets anyway, and I could see this being a featured track on just about any upcoming release that they may have.