By Way of a New Song, You’re about to Learn a Lot More about STARMARIE

I was cruising J-pop Idols for some info, and the top item in their home page feed is an entry on STARMARIE. That is, the same STARMARIE that I finally got around to posting about a couple of weeks ago. Was this … was this newer material?

You bet!

They even joined Soundcloud just to share it! And then took it down!

That is definitely all right. I approve, STARMARIE.

You should read the rest of that article, too, for lyrics and some additional detail on its composition, plus details from their last live and a big show coming up in December.

Ah, the benefits of being almost a decade old …

5 thoughts on “By Way of a New Song, You’re about to Learn a Lot More about STARMARIE

  1. STARMARIE came to the USA a few years back for SXSW as well as a few dates on the annual Japan Nite tour, which is usually a line-up of mostly rock artists. Sadly, I did not attend that tour, so I can only tell you what I heard from others who did see them. They were well-received and the crowd really liked them a lot, but there was at least one instance of an interesting Japanese Idol / Japanese Rock culture clash.

    It’s always been common for the band’s on the Japan Nite tour to hang out at their merch table and meet fans for autographs and photos, but there was a minor misunderstanding in which STARMARIE’s management wanted to charge for photos. As you know, in the idol world, “cheki” (photos with idols) is a unique but major merchandising element and a major source of income. Rock bands don’t do this, and an audience of Americans who are largely completely unfamiliar with idol-dom certainly had never heard of this, so I think their meet-and-greet experiences got a little awkward when the girl’s handlers refused simply allowing free pictures. (I heard that the members of the group wanted to be in photos but were told to not do it.)

    This was eventually worked out as tour continued, but it was a fascinating study of the different worlds idols and rock bands previously worked in. Fast forward to today, and the lines are so blurred that the issue is largely in the past now. When Avandoned came to the USA in March, the girls and their management were encouraging photos!

    • See, stories like that and the Avandoned experience, put together, make me wonder how it should go when idols come to this country. And, more to the point maybe, how it should go when (get ready) idols inevitably begin to become more of a thing here. How does the “normal” pop star culture collide and evade the norms of idol, and how do we adapt to something domestic vs. a culture that isn’t our own? Fascinating.

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