Let’s Finally Get Down to STARMARIE!

I promised a while ago that I’d get around to sharing one of the oldest idol projects in our collective interest, and it’s a pretty calm Sunday until the iCON DOLL LOUNGE stuff starts to trickle out, so hey, let’s take a look at STARMARIE.

First, a very long live video (which is what reminded me):

STARMARIE predates pretty much everybody I’d ever cover normally — they started in 2008(!) and have been able to make this sort of goth-Victorian-fantasy idol rock thing work for a long while. No, obviously not the same lineup; this isn’t Perfume or Negicco that we’re talking about. Still, that’s a long-ass time for an idol project to have been alive, especially taking their rather unique style into account.

And it’s not like they’re just under-the-radar grinders, either, having performed in several countries, including SXSW in Austin in 2014. Yes, they were right there and available for your favorite gloomy teenager to check out.

I kid. STARMARIE isn’t all that heavy, but they’re cool.

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