Bonus Thursday Hurtsday: Live Lyric Holic!

Hey team! So after that last post went up literally seven hours after I first tried to finish it, I felt like maybe folks would like something else loud and aggressive and, unlike the subject of said post, unapologetically, indisputably idol. And as the worm turns, PIH and others were passing around this lovely treat like candy earlier, and it’s perfect for the theme, so — Lyric Holic, live, with a band, and loud as hell:

I feel like blood needs to be raining on them during “Alice”

I love how there’s almost an obligation to refer to Lyric Holic as “visual kei-inspired,” which is true, but does it even matter? Criminey, depending on how one counts such a thing, you could make a very compelling argument that they’re the most brutal act in the game when they feel like it (Hanako-san: “Come at me, bro”), and Tama one of the most underappreciated center/leader types. And now that they aren’t piping in the harsh vocal add-ons, it’s all the better.

Meanwhile, former member Mizuki Rin and Psycho Predator … well. It’s sometimes best to stick close to home, kids.