Why Yes, I Will Take Some Fresh le biglemoi, Please and Thanks

Well, maybe not fresh le biglemoi, but certainly fresh video of le biglemoi:

That’s nice. That’s Thursday Hurtsday-worthy, insofar as a week as wacky as this one can even be bothered to try to keep up with its highly contrived themes! Still. Continue reading

Bonus Thursday Hurtsday: Live Lyric Holic!

Hey team! So after that last post went up literally seven hours after I first tried to finish it, I felt like maybe folks would like something else loud and aggressive and, unlike the subject of said post, unapologetically, indisputably idol. And as the worm turns, PIH and others were passing around this lovely treat like candy earlier, and it’s perfect for the theme, so — Lyric Holic, live, with a band, and loud as hell:

I feel like blood needs to be raining on them during “Alice”

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Sweet Holy Moses, These Alloy Songs Rock

I’m sorry, were you guys looking for something loud and punishing for your Thursday Hurtsday fix? I’m afraid that I can’t do anything to help you … other than share these two new instrumental demos from Alloy.

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There’s More DEADLIFT LOLITA This Morning, Holy Gods

Man, just when you think Thursday Hurts day might actually hurt a little bit less, along comes Ladybeard’s newest project to smash right through that presumption:

It’s so peppy! It’s so loud! I can’t make any sense of the lyrics, which is nothing new! Kerrie, this is what we get for your referencing this the other day! Continue reading

Somebody Save Us from This Wave of Clown Terror

I don’t even know what to say at this point. We’re now three posts deep for Thursday Hurtsday, and of course the demonic clown idols of Bokura no Oyugi have even more live video to share with us.

What an embarrassment of riches! Continue reading

Yannderu Ame Is Now YAMIAME and Has a Lyric Video for You

I’m glad that this one got cleared up! So I’d been following the Idols Formerly Known as Yannderu Ame Etc. for a while, liking them enough to keep them on blast so I’d know for sure when they made announcements, added video, etc. And I noticed kind of recently that their Twitter bona fides are different, right down to the official account’s handle. And I thought little of it, because, well, I get kind of lazy sometimes.

That had me at “riffs”

That’s a really cool song! And it’s notably different compared to the last lyric video they put out, back when they were definitely still Yannderu Ame Etc. So … Continue reading

Checkmate Will Take This Brutality to Their First One-man

Happy Thursday Hurtsday, you guys! For what it’s worth, by some twisted accident of time and space, there’s a lot of hurt this Hurtsday, and I couldn’t be happier. Punish me, senpai!

The first item that I’d like to draw your attention to is Checkmate. It’s been a minute since we last caught up with them, but they’ve been busy, and clearly eating broken glass and stuff, because they sound positively livid about their first one-man, coming up in August:


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Here’s That BiSH Live You’ve Been Waiting For

Hot damn, you guys, this is good times. I used the occasion of BiSH’s announcing this show (with live broadcast!) to complain about their having been quiet for a while — as truly a First World problem as has ever existed — it was with a generally low expectation for anything really coming of it. That was stupid! Of course people were going to record it!

This sucker is worth settling in for; I’ve seen my share of BiSH lives over the past couple of years now, but this might be my personal favorite stage of theirs, starting off with a bunch of the songs of theirs that I hold in highest esteem.


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It’s a Thursday Hurtsday Family Reunion!

You know what’s really satisfying about having put together a few thousand posts about a few hundred idols? It feels like there’s always something to talk about, even something new. I started dedicating little content spots over the course of the week to regulate that a bit. Thursday Hurtsday, though, can be a little difficult to meet up with, to the point that I sometimes have to stretch the concept to make it work.

Fortunately, this week has a bunch of really loud stuff!

The other night, the A-minor family (well, most of it, the part of the family under Daichi) did a bill all together, and one familiarly helpful YouTuber captured and uploaded the entire blessed thing: Continue reading

It’s Thursday Hurtsday and I Demand Very Loud Idols

At the risk of being remiss toward a few other pieces that I’ve been sitting on, I wanted to make sure that I not only had a chance to get genuinely very loud and surprisingly, excitingly good for Thursday Hurtsday, but that there was a chance to come back around on Minna no Kodomochan, who are responsible for probably my single favorite Best of 2017-qualifying song.

So here’s a live set!

The real magic starts around 15:00

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