For Thursday Hurtsday, Let’s Play a Little Game

It’s Thursday Hurtsday, gang, and while I’m sure there’s a thing or two that I could promote for its raw loudness and/or emotional destructability, I wanted something really heavy and guitary and maybe even kind of epic to show off instead. Circumstance intervened! And, as a bonus, depending on how you all react to it, we could make it into a regular kind of feature.

That is SIN ISOMER, and the song is on the EP BURST Into ISOMER, which you can get a little look at here:

That’s pretty loud! But idol? Hard to tell. Mister Mister asked that very question the other day, and not for the first time, and I’ve had these videos sitting open in my browser ever since. What a question! So let’s answer it.

The singer is billed solo — it’s her project — as you can see in the extremely sparse information online, like Facebook and the KING RECORDS official site; yes, and despite being on a major label, she’s only rocking 139 Twitter followers, so is therefore new as a baby’s first burp, but also must have some kind of history. Like, enough to have worked with IKUO (or at least enough money to hire him). But exactly what that might be isn’t really covered well on her website.

So, okay: Singer and lyricist. Solo artist working with prominent musicians. Major label. Tiny social media footprint. None of which predicts anything, but one could compare this to, say, Yajima Mai or Yanase You, or Fuki on the other hand, and … well:

Obviously, passing a judgement without wisdom may feel a little silly, but maybe you, yes you, you personally have an answer because you’re a big J-rock fan who’s seen her before, or you have a strong feeling one way or another, or maybe even a bunch of SIN ISOMER fans show up and are like “this is how it is” and then we’d have a great answer. But have fun with it!

Now, about that “regular kind of feature” business: I’m not talking about going down a J-bands path for the hell of it — if there’s stuff that seems relevant to you all, it usually goes into the Weekender — but I’m sure that we’ll rub elbows with plenty of bands. Just that, there are performers who kind of straddle the line, indeed some have even been covered ’round these parts before, but let’s gamify that mother a little bit!

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  2. It seems she previously uploaded vocal covers of metal songs to YouTube under the name SIN. I wasn’t able to find any of them, but not sure if they’ve been taken down or if it’s just hard to find something on YouTube with only such a generic name to go by! Apparently she was also previously in a covers band doing versions of Western heavy metal songs by artists like Iron Maiden and Anthrax.

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