Bonnou Paradox Holds One-man, Loses One (wo)Man, Releases MV

It’s usually March 15 that folks prefer to hold in infamy, but sure, three days later is fine too.

Bonnou Paradox, who are as close to vintage Guso Drop as you’re going to find in idol these days, very enthusiastically held themselves a one-man yesterday. It was kind of a big moment for them! It was their first, it was their unofficial kick-off into the never-dull Tokyo Candoll competition, and it was going to be a culmination of things, with a real-deal MV release to coincide and, I’m guessing, kick-start a deliberate campaign to emerge from the ever-churning chika maelstrom.

Here’s that MV, btw.

Though everybody’s trying to sound like PassCode anymore

Say, why are there only four members in that video?

Misato had been all but completely inactive going back to mid-February (seriously, an idol on Twitter silence for a month is almost impossible), and her withdrawal was confirmed yesterday:

Her statement:

This leaves Bonpara as a quartet for the time being, a state that they may choose to stick with if they’re getting into a competition unless they can pull off one of those crucial we’ll-make-the-group-more-relevant-by-adding-someone-with-lots-of-followers-already move. We’ll see!