Yeah, I Think Bonpara’s EP Is Gonna Be Good

Man, since when was Bonnou Paradox releasing an EP? I missed that. Or did they just announce it? I don’t know! I saw this because of YouTube! What is it? It’s the trailer for said EP!

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Behind the Scenes with Bonpara

This is super neat, you guys! Bonnou Paradox, the idols making the level best effort to directly replace Guso Drop in the chikasphere, released this pretty comprehensive mini-documentary from the making of their “NO=LIMIT” video and accompanying time:

You know what’s great about dual monitors and private work spaces? Being able to let this play with impunity, seeing how the sausage gets made, while still analyzing data from program audits!

Banner updated!

Bonnou Paradox Holds One-man, Loses One (wo)Man, Releases MV

It’s usually March 15 that folks prefer to hold in infamy, but sure, three days later is fine too.

Bonnou Paradox, who are as close to vintage Guso Drop as you’re going to find in idol these days, very enthusiastically held themselves a one-man yesterday. It was kind of a big moment for them! It was their first, it was their unofficial kick-off into the never-dull Tokyo Candoll competition, and it was going to be a culmination of things, with a real-deal MV release to coincide and, I’m guessing, kick-start a deliberate campaign to emerge from the ever-churning chika maelstrom.

Here’s that MV, btw.

Though everybody’s trying to sound like PassCode anymore

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Is It Bonpara Time?

I don’t know, man, but I think that maybe the reconfigured Bonnou Paradox — up to a member strength of five, including dualing harsh vocalists — might be ready to make a bigger splash in the scene. To whit:

Do you pronounce “U’n'” as “Un” or “uh-nuh” or /deathgrowl or something

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Give My Mid-week Life, Bonpara

You know what we need more of? Live video! LOTS OF LIVE VIDEO! Pure Idol Heart rattled off a hell of a list yesterday, some of which I had in the hopper but the rest of which I did not, and the “did not” list includes Bonnou Paradox, who I feel like I only ever reference in passing.

Well, here they are live:

Consider yourself warned

There are lyrics for the song!

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Bonnou Paradox Is Good for Indie Idol Wednesday

Good morning, friends! How’s your week going? Mine’s … I’ve had better. It’s good and fun, though, to have some music to listen to and idols to wonder what the hell they’re doing about.

And it’s Indie Idol Wednesday! Kind of my favorite theme of the week, to be honest; it’s not always easy to hit the sweet spot, but the effort’s worth it because the idols are doing their best, as they say. Take, for example, Bonnou Paradox!

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For Indie Idol Wednesday, I’m Finally Doing Bonnou Paradox

All right, I’ve now officially seen Bonnou Paradox (Twitter) referenced enough times that I guess I should look to see what the deal is. I know this: They’re newish, they’re “hard rock,” they go with a duality theme and they’re perfect for Indie Idol Wednesday.

This is what they look and sound like:

They also get filmed at odd angles!

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