You’re Too Good for This World, BILLIE IDLE; Please Save It

Hey, thanks for rebooting on me, phone. If Uipon hadn’t coyly suggested that something was going to happen, I’d have never known that we were going to be presented with as a sure a live-revitalizer as you’re ever going to get. From single out next week:

Of course Noni plays the sax

Someday, BILLIE IDLE will get the respect they deserve for their music and MVs. “Why Maniac,” you say, “BILLIE IDLE is quite popular!” And that’s true, but it’s also not true enough; while they’re not here trying to shift too many paradigms or experiment, BILLIE IDLE does one thing better than anybody: Full-on acceleratrix punk rock that oozes attitude on a spectrum somewhere between fun and MOAR FUN, shared with a no-frills look — it’s the members and the music that matter, not the presentation — and wrapped in a style that really is uniquely theirs.

And that’s before taking the cartoon aspect into account! If there’s anything wrong with many BILLIE IDLE MVs, it’s that they deprive the world of more direct encounters with the members, a crime in its own right even without allowing for the necessary genuflections before Head Goddess in Charge First Summer Uika. Not dissimilarly to Bill and Ted, these are talents and personalities whose true power needs to be harnessed for the elusive goals of human equality and world peace. Maybe some of their celebrity friends can step up and start getting the word out.

You do have to wonder how long they can keep this up. There aren’t a ton of idols who stay active well into their 20s, and Uipon’s inching ever closer to 30. Maybe that’s why they seem hellbent on scaring the crap out of me every few months.

BILLIE IDLE Finally Isn’t Lying about the ‘Last’ Thing!

If you crazy kids are regular followers of that hip new rock ‘n’ roll idol group BILLIE IDLE, you may have noticed a whole mess of references to something called “P.S.R.I.P.” lately. Ominous, no, after LAST ALBUM? Kind of!

Well, it’s a single. John with the heavy lifting:

We knew to expect something from Billie Idle today, we just didn’t know what. So we had to wait around for the announcement, as usual. 今晩22時にお知らせがあります。 — BILLIE IDLE® (@b_idle_official) February 22, 2018

via Billie Idle Announce Upcoming Single — Straight From Japan

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